Human being

Hey there!

I am energetic human being, coming from planet Earth  ( at least my parents say so…).

Born as Sagittarius, living as human being, which means I am truthful, idealistic, not afraid of challenge nor fight ( but that doesn’t mean that I like them). I prefer to live in the present and get the best out of the current situation.  But there comes the melancholic artistic part and ruins all the fun. (Well shit happens).

10620444_10152422109288131_849164240370188291_o   elina_V1

As melancholic schizophrenic artist I prefer simplicity, clarity and straight forwardness. It leads to fact, that I may not be the most sociable nor talkative person. However if you are good to me, I may be friendly, supportive and open to your ideas.

And there comes the deep point of this monologue – me as Graphic Designer. I’m still human being, but now with an artistic eye…and maybe cool haircut…and even cooler tattoo. But that does not change nothing much. The fact that changes everything is – I do what I love and I love what I do! And today it is Graphics – from hand-draw till vectorized. Soon to be movement graphic as well, me says.

Through the years I have educated myself in different fields, such as Interior and Industrial design, but somehow my passion for Graphic Design has only grown bigger. So, I did not let it go just like that, but instead worked with it. And worked hard…

10656163_655240424572346_1516232388_n  Vector self-portrait poster

Today I do not spend day without drawing some sketches or even opening graphic software’s. Design is my lifestyle! And that is so fun! What are my capabilities – well, everything starting from hand draw portraits, DTP  (layouts, brochures, posters, infographics, etc) till photography and photo re-touch. Basicly everything what is possible to create in Ai, Ps and Idd.

As designer I work fast and efficient. Flexibility and multitasking are not problems, nor deadlines – this demon just makes life more fun.

If we live on the same planet, usually there are no disagreements to create a common vision and goals with you, regarding design orders. I am open to your ideas, suggestions and feedback. Both sides are there to create the best possible result at that specific time.

The key to successful cooperation is clear communication!

So, if you have come so far, you can step a bit further too…

If you have some creative idea which you want to realize, and you are not afraid of it`s magic – call me!
And we will make it alive!

Wish you all the best and see you in your sweetest dreams,

 Elina Primaka


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